Interactive cinema installation/ HD / color / stereo / 16:9 / 2019

Bystander is a cinematic VR installation developed with Unity, a real-time render software. Bystander based on my experience as a depersonaliczation/derealization disorder patient.When exposed to irresistible stimuli, I evade the reality in the way of peeling off the consciousness from the body, which similar to a player in the game, suddenly changing from a subjective perspective to a third-person perspective, standing above, observing their body and surroundings.Audience are allowed to experience such perspective shifting by interacting with the film through VR controller. Different variants: 3d scanning, 3d modelling, real- shooting and computer-generated animation are adopted and integrated as narrative factors to unfold my story.

The installation was designed as an immersive space with layers of fabric hanging within which representing my brain layers. Fragmented memories were projected on it. The deeper audiences walk inside the tunnel, the cleaner images they will see, the closer they will approach my inner world. At the end of the tunnel, hid the box that contains my most secret memory and emotion waiting to be opened.

Through coding effects inside Unity, I attempt to explore the possibity of using Unity to achieve live performance.