Qin chess

Game / HD / color / stereo / 16:9 / 2017

A work co-operated with Star LiuSijia.

The initial inspiration was the wizard game from Harry Potter. We wanted to make the same board game with gorgeous visual effects and playability. Chess seems to be a game, but it is actually a simulation of the cruel battles where the two armies meet each other and fight against each other with their own life. When we think of the battle, we think of a dynasty which advocates military force from top to bottom and is good at fighting, thus it is invincible. The Dynasty is Qin. The Qin Dynasty implemented the Shanglu Reformation, abolished the official hereditary system, and awarded the soldiers the knighthood according to their contribution in the battle. When Qin Dynasty was at its heyday, it captured the six countries and unified the entire region.

In addition to the worship of the Qin Dynasty, we also very found the dress style of the Qin Dynasty. colorful dyes were not popular in that Dynasty yet so the dress was some very simple color, like black, green, blue and purple, which conforms to our setting of the entire game style.