Chang Liu is a new media artist who is active in the field of Extended Reality (VR/AR) narrative, installation art, and experimental film. Her interactive film “Bystander” won the global culture prize at the Stuttgart film winter festival and was included in IFVA 2019 as the finalist. “Bystander” was also exhibited at the Microwave festival connecting the dots, Phantom Horizons project, Relentless melt project, and System dream at Art machine2. Currently, she is pursuing her research and artistic creation at CityU as a Ph.D. student. Her current research focuses on strengthening the accessibility and efficiency of compassion focus therapy by integrating the existing therapeutic strategies with creative extended reality narratives.


·Bystander —— Mixed reality installation, 2021.

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·Zhuangzi dreamed he was a butterfly —— Interactive film, 2018, colour, sound.

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·Tel-view —— Interactive film installation, 2018, colour, sound.

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·Qin Chess —— Interactive game installation, 2018, colour, sound.

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·Bystander live version —— Live performance, 2019, colour, sound.

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·1/2 —— Abstract animation, 2018, 4 min 9 sec, colour, sound.

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·While you were sleeping —— Stop-motion animation, 2018, 2 min 18 sec, colour, sound.

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·Hk Bao —— Stop-motion animation, 2019, 1 min 18 sec, colour, sound.

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·One day —— Short film, 2018, 8 min 16 sec, colour, sound. 

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SCM MFA Student Show 2018/ 06,2018
Center of creative media, HongKong

Post-industrial Landscapes 5.0: Urban Scan/ 07, 2018
Osage Gallery, HongKong

SCM MFA Graduation Show 2019/ 06,2019
Singing wave Gallery, HongKong

Stuttgarter Filmwinter /01.2020-02.2020
kunstbezirk, Stuttgart, Germany

Art Machine2 / 06.2021
Singing wave Gallery, HongKong


FILMASIA Asian Film Festival, Prague                                             02.2019
BIO·FICTION Science Art Film, Vienna                                             09.2019
Phantom Horizons Poject, Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin                         02.2020
Relentless Melt No. 20: Hong Kong Animation Experiments                          02.2021 
Microwave festival 2021: Connecting the dots                                     05.2021